Robust And Attractive Corrugated Packaging

Finest Quality And User-Friendly Multicolor Corrugated Boxes

At DJS Printers we offer a wide range of finest quality and user-friendly multicolor corrugated boxes. Moreover, our offered corrugated boxes are mainly used for packing food and are available in different designs and sizes. Our corrugated boxes are strong and compact in nature as these are made up of high-grade material


Good Load Capacity

We manufacture corrugated packaging with load capacity that meets your requirements


Extremely Lightweight

Extremely lightweight and yet robust as compared to any other traditional packaging methods


Highly Durable

Highly durable and easy to store, yet robust and able to withstand high load capacities


Customizable Size And Design

Corrugated Packaging designed and customized as per your requirements and specifications


B Flute

B Flute corrugation offers 47 +/- 3 flutes for linear foot for big cartons for shipment


E Flute

E Flute corrugation offers 90 +/- 4 flutes per linear foot for smaller packaging

Gallery Of Corrugated Packaging

A few of flagship and industry know packaging solutions that have been proudly manufactured by us.

  • Pizza Hut Family Pizza
    Family Pizza
  • Pizza Hut Black Pizza Box
    Pizza Box
  • Pop Corn Box